Guided Fitness routines

Good Afternoon,


Although we are not physically in school we can still get in some physical activity to keep our muscles growing and keep our bodies healthy. Over the past few months students had been working in stations and one of the stations was the “workout station.” Over this time we learned many different types of exercises such as Jumping Jacks, Mountain climbers, wall push-ups, knee push-ups, sit ups/crunches, curls and more! We encourage students to choose 3 of those exercises to do on their gym days (or everyday!). Mrs. Pietz and myself have also included some very fun and interactive apps that can be downloaded if you have access to technology that will be shared below. 


Sworkit Kids-Fitness Meets fun

NFL Play 60

I am Love: Kids’ Yoga Journey

Just Dance Now

GoNoodle Kids

Kids Fitness Yoga


*If technology is not accessible, perform these fitness routines daily.  These are similar to the routines you were taught in Physical Education class which included;


Grades K-1 

10-20 Jumping Jacks

5 sit-ups

5-8 push ups

Jogging in place for 30-60 seconds

*Practice jump rope and hula hoop skills:)


Grades 2-4 

100 Jumping Jacks-can be throughout the day

10-20 sit -ups

10-20 push-ups 


Stay Safe,                                                                      

Mrs. Pietz

Mr. Stand