Earth Day

Leaf Printing

* Washable markers 

* Piece of paper. (White works best however, lined or any light color paper could also turn out cool as well!)

* Piece of scrap paper - This is so you make sure any marker slips don't get on any surface or mark up your final work!

* Leaves of different shapes and sizes. The more the better!



1) Gather all of your materials to one work space

2) Put your scrap paper in front of you, and your good piece for your final close by

3) Choose the leaf you want to use first, and flip it over.

4) Color the backside of the leaf with any color, or colors you wish!

5) Be careful not to take too much time coloring, you do not want the marker color to dry out!!

6) Once your leaf is colored, put the leaf colored side down on your paper, and be sure to press and lightly rub all parts of the leaf onto the paper.

7) Pull the leaf up and you have made your very own print!

8) Continue with all of your leaves, or simply reuse and reprint with the same leaves!  


Challenge: Can you create a picture with the leaf shapes?