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3 School Model Contingency Plan

 July 22nd, 2020


Dear Families,


I hope this message finds everyone doing well. 


We have been working diligently on the framework of three school models for the fall.  The models will be sent to the Department of Education for review and acceptance.


The Three School Model Contingency Plans For the 2020-2021 School Year Due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic is attached for your review.


To briefly summarize the packet:


  1. In-person model for all students - We are unable to bring all our students back at once for in-person learning and abide by the required safety guidelines in the Initial Fall School Reopening Guidance from DESE (shared with families on June 25th).


  1. Hybrid model – This model represents splitting the student population into groups to allow for a combination of in-person and remote learning. See below:


Hybrid Model includes Synchronous (in real time) Remote Learning:

Group A –       In person learning Monday, Tuesday

                      Remote learning Wednesday, Thursday, ½ day Friday

Group B –       In person learning Wednesday, Thursday

                      Remote learning Monday, Tuesday, ½ day Friday

Group C –       Special Education high-needs students who meet recommended criteria based on their high needs, will come to school for in-person learning for 4 days (Mon.-Thur.) and participate in remote learning ½ day Friday.


In this model, teaching for both the in-person group of students and the remote group of students would be in real time (web cameras in classrooms and/or google meets) to allow for each group to be exposed to the same learning objectives at the same time.  This model requires that all families have internet access and access to devices. Students grades 2 and up have been given devices, and we are working on obtaining more devices for our younger students. We ask that you send back the recently mailed survey and return it with your child’s updated Student Verification Form in the self-addressed stamped envelope provided, so we can plan accordingly.


  1. 3. Remote model -(It is very important to note that THIS WILL NOT be the same as what we just experienced in the spring)This model would require all teachers to come into school to teach from their classrooms, and only certain subgroups of students would be invited in to be in some classrooms/ programs.  This remote plan would be a structured school day, student work would be graded, and attendance would be taken.


Note: In both the Hybrid and Remote models, we propose half days of remote learning for all students on Fridays and we would be providing teachers the other half of the day for lesson planning time for the week ahead, as well as time to connect with families. These schedules would require a waiver on time on learning requirements from the Commissioner of Education and he has suggested that he would approve these waivers in most cases.




  1. There have beensome changes to the School Year Calendarto accommodate the training necessary for our staff before students return to school. 


  • The first day of school for grade 1-12 has been pushed back to  September 8th
  • The first day for PreK & K has been pushed back to September 14th
  • Open Houses will be virtual (more information to follow )
  • Parent Teacher Conferences will be individual remote/virtual meetings
  • January 21st and March 26th have become full days of learning for students
  • All previous Wednesday 1/2 days (Oct. 7, Dec. 2, Feb. 3, Mar. 3, Apr. 7, May 5) have become full days of learning for students, because these ½ days have been moved to Fridays
  • Note: If the Commissioner of Education decreases the number of school days required for students this year, we will end our year earlier than what is on the attached calendar.


  1. The three models outlined in the Three School Model Contingency Plans for the 2020-2021 School Year Due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic document were presented at last night's School Committee meeting.  The School Committee approved starting the year in a Remote model, with only inviting in the specially identified high-risk students who meet specific requirements into school for the first two weeks of school and re-assessing the shift to Hybrid on or about Sept. 22nd.  This plan allows educators to properly plan for the complexities associated with bringing our students back to school safely (many of these details are noted in the Three School Model Contingency Plans for the 2020-2021 School Year Due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic document) This approach allows educators to develop and learn the new norms associated with keeping all our students safe, and in turn when students return for the Hybrid model our teachers will be ready to teach these new norms, making the transition back to school much smoother for all students 


PLEASE take the time to read the attached materials. These plans are being submitted to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and we will continue to update you on all our planning efforts and any and all modifications which are likely to occur.  It is important that everyone understands that all plans are subject to change based on new regulations, new health data, Union Negotiations, and / or a State of Emergency order from the Governor. 


I understand that there is no one plan that will make everyone happy, and it is my hope our families understand that we are doing the best we can with the current data and information we have at this time with our planning efforts.  Safety remains our number one priority as we move ahead. I hope knowing this information in July assists families with planning ahead.


It is important to note that it is highly likely we will be moving from Remote learning to Hybrid learning throughout this upcoming year and that these frameworks WILL BE tweaked and modified as we all learn more about school safety during this global health pandemic.


Kind Regards,

Dr. Goguen


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