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Ch 7 Work Outline

 Chapter 7 Cells Work Outline

We begin a long unit for cells this week. This unit starts with the basic info for cells (chapter 7) then moves into photosynthesis, cell respirations, and cell growth and division. It is 4 action packed chapters of cell fun. Buckle up it’s a bumpy ride!

Chapter 7 work

Book work


7.1 10 key facts, Questions page 194 #1-3

7.2 12 key facts, Questions page 205 #1-5

7.3 10 key facts, Questions page 213 #1-2

7.4 8 Key facts, Questions page 217 #1-2


7.1, 7.2, 7.3, Chapter/vocab review, Color sheets for cell types, cell membrane, osmosis, diffusion, active transport, and objectives

Demo/Lab: Demonstration for diffusion/osmosis. If time we will do a build a candy cell lab, this depends on time however.

Cell Book Project: Recreate the pictures and table on pages 206 and 207. Then choose 7 structures that are found in cells. Draw them separately and include a short paragraph under your drawing on what they do for the cell (their function). All pages should be combined into a book with an appropriate cover and title. Due date December 18th

Test and quiz: There will be a quiz on cell parts and functions and a chapter test. Anticipated dates: Quiz will be the beginning of next week 12/16 and test will be on 12/20 before break.