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Chapter 5

 Chapter 5 Work Outline

This is a short quick chapter and we will push through it rather quickly. Be sure to stay on top of things and don’t wait for the last day to get all your work done!

Book work

Chapter 5 vocabulary- all 3 sections

5.1 12 key facts and Questions pg 135 #1-4

5.2 10 key facts and Questions pg 141 #1-3

5.3 8 Key facts and Questions pg 145 #1-2

Writing Assignment- Biology and Society page 136. Read the section and complete questions in the research and decide section. Answers should show that you read the page and researched the topic in order to form your opinion. Due date Friday Dec 6th


One Color sheet (Will be used in class and notes)

Ch 5 objectives

5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 Chapter sheets (we will be working on some of these in class)

Anticipated Test Date Monday December 9th