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Starting Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Work Outline

We are moving on to chapter 11 this week. This chapter focuses on an introduction to genetics and meiosis. The following is a work outline of the work that will be assigned as part of this chapter. Please wait to be assigned it in class rather then working ahead but if you are absent this is a great list to look over and see what you may have missed. Also all the worksheets that are listed in this outline are available for you to print from the folders on the website if you are not in class to get a copy from me.

Book work

Chapter 11 Vocab page 331 all four sections

11.1 10 key facts

11.1 Questions #1-2 page 312

11.2 10 key facts

11.2 Questions #1-3 page 318

11.3 8 Key facts

11.3 Questions #1-2

11.4 12 key facts

Drawing of Meiosis from pages 324-325


11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, vocab review, and chapter review


I would like to fit in at least one lab/activity to go with this chapter. I have not chosen which yet but I will let you know as soon as I do.

Quizzes and Test

There will be 3 quick quizzes for this chapter. One on basic punnett squares, one on double punnett squares, and one on meiosis. Dates for these will be given as we cover the material in class.

There will be a chapter test possibly before Thanksgiving break but most likely not till after we return.