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BHS Parents Right to Know

March 1, 2019

Dear Bartlett Parents or Guardians:

I am writing to let you know that the Bartlett High School report card has been published by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  This report card, which can be found here,  contains information about school and district accountability, achievement, our students and teachers, and other important measures of school performance.  I am committed to working with parents, guardians, faculty, students, and the community to make Bartlett High School the pride of Webster.

The first report card contains important accountability information:

  • Accountability and Assistance Levels: In previous years, schools were ranked on a scale of 1 to 5.  This system is no longer being used. Bartlett High School has been classified as “Requiring assistance or intervention” by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  The measures for assistance and intervention are described below.
  • A school percentile between 1 and 99 is reported for most schools.  This number shows the overall performance of our school relative to other schools that serve the same of similar grades.  Our school percentile is 6%. This means that our school is performing higher than 5% of the high schools in the state.

The report card also shows how students in our school are performing on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests.  Achievement and progress information is reported for our school and is also compared to the performance of our district and the state.

In being identified as “Requiring assistance or intervention,” DESE has begun providing specific resources to assist in the redesign of your child’s school.  Specifically, the state is providing us with:

  • A grant of $25,000 to fund the redesign process at the school;
  • A comprehensive review conducted by the American Institute of Research that will guide the redesign process;
  • Logistical and planning support from the Statewide System of Support.   

Webster Public Schools is committed to providing quality instruction for all students and does so by employing the most qualified individuals to teach and support each student in the classroom.  If you would like to receive information about your child’s teacher regarding licensure, please contact Ms. Ruthann Goguen, Superintendent, at 508-943-0104 ext. 11

Bartlett High School has taken a number of steps to identify and support students in need of intervention and additional programs which include the following:

  • Advisory Curriculum including social/emotional learning component
  • Nichols Honors Academy
  • Alternative Learning Program, Quest (recently expanded to multiple classrooms)
  • Journey Program, Tier 2 Intervention
  • Credit Recovery Program (Edgenuity Learning Program)
  • Expanded Advanced Placement Program
  • Increased graduation requirements that began with the class of 2017
  • School Adjustment Counselors to support the emotional health of your child
  • Freshman STRONG Program Grade 9 Team including Common Planning Time
  • Common Planning Time for all inclusion teachers
  • Co-teaching professional development for all inclusion teachers
  • Anti-Bullying Program for all students and staff
  • YOUniversity for struggling students funded by Title I
  • Staff and Student Attendance Committee – reforming in January 2019
  • Dean of Students
  • MCAS Tutoring for 9th & 10th grade students (Math, & Science) funded by Title I
  • Student Support Team (SST)
  • Mentoring Program for students
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

In reality, we need you to be a part of the Bartlett High School redesign.  What do you want your high school to be? This is your opportunity to be part of a great future as we build a better Bartlett!

For more information on any of these programs or how you can become involved in your child’s school, please contact me at 508-943-8552 or visit us online at


Peter J. Cushing