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Email update from your Principal!

Good Evening Parents and Guardians!

One of the critical tasks of a school is to build partnerships with parents, guardians, and the community at large.  I am seeking volunteers for our school council that meets monthly.  This school council advises the principal on handbook revisions, budgets, and a great many other items.  We NEED parent volunteers.  This is an opportunity to have a leadership role in your child's school.  Even if you do not think you can commit to be part of the council, I am asking all parents/guardians to visit this link to fill out a brief survey and offer an opportunity to be part of this council.  

I would like to provide a reminder that school will be closed Monday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.  School will be closed on Tuesday as teachers have professional development.  I am excited to see your children on their return to school this coming Wednesday.  

You can expect report cards to be mailed home at the end of the coming week.  Please review your child's grades with them.  We are here to help your child be successful.  

As I had previously warned, the bathrooms in our school have been locked due to continued concerns regarding vaping.  Students have been acting very well in reporting to the bathrooms that are open and being monitored by faculty and staff.  I thanked the school for their cooperation over the intercom on Friday.  The overwhelming majority of schools are addressing these concerns with students and families.  We are currently working on programming for parents and families about this and other issues.  

Congratulations to Hannah, Corey, Ezekial, and John as they are at Mechanics Hall in Worcester rehearsing for Districts.  Special thanks to Mr. Twiraga for accompanying them to this great opportunity.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email at any time!  I and the other members of our staff are here to serve your children.

Please be safe as our first winter storm arrives!  

All My Best,

Peter J. Cushing

Peter J. Cushing