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November 2013

P.E. News – December 2013


During the month of December, all grades will be practicing our jump rope skills and playing various tag games.


Kindergarten students have been learning to swing the rope over their heads and to jump by themselves using an individual (short) rope. Most students are able to do at least one jump; some are able to do several jumps in a row.  K students will also begin learning a rhythmic jump-and-bounce sequence using a long rope swung by the teacher.  Students are taught to stay in the middle (marked with an "X") and to time the jump by watching the swinger's hand.


First graders are perfecting both their individual and long rope jumping and working toward maintaining a steady rhythm.  Advanced students may try various “tricks” such as traveling (running or leading with one foot) and “red hot pepper.”


Second grade students will be introduced to “turn stile” (running through a turning rope).  Later in the school year we will be using our team-building skills and practice good sportsmanship as we hold a friendly competition between the 2nd grade classes.


Parents, if your child does not own a jump rope, please consider getting one.  It's an inexpensive toy that promotes aerobic conditioning and can be done in a small space.  Happy jumping!  Happy Holidays!