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October 2013

First and Second grade classes have started the school year with a soccer unit.  We are concentrating on basic skills such as a close dribble (moving the ball while keeping it under control); passing and trapping with a partner; and stealing the ball away from an “opponent.”  These skills are then strengthened by playing Fox and Rabbits and Pirates.  Another soccer lead-up game that we play is Crab Soccer.  This game introduces the concepts of "offense” and “defense.”  Second graders are also learning the game Guard the Pin in which students get to experience what the goalie’s job is like. 


Kindergarten students have been learning to move safely through space at various speeds and directions and to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN when hearing the whistle.  Students have been introduced to various ways of playing safely with balls, hula hoops, and jump ropes.  Right now experimentation and cooperative play are encouraged; skill work will follow later in the year.


Students are already in the routine of wearing comfortable clothing and sneakers on gym days.  A huge “thank you” to parents for helping to keep our gym classes safe!