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September 2013

Construction on the new school building has brought big changes to our PE program at PAE. Since our gym was located in the upper level and therefore part of the old building being demolished, PE classes must be held in the cafeteria. So in place of basketball, dance and yoga will be a major focus of our curriculum this year. Dance is beneficial in improving coordination, rhythm, and aerobic endurance; Yoga promotes flexibility, muscle tone, balance, and relaxation.
Another huge change this year is our 6 day rotation for specials. Please be aware of which day your child’s P.E. is scheduled (see below) and help him/her to dress accordingly. Sneakers (or a sturdy, flat, nonslip shoe---no heels or sandals, please) are mandatory to ensure your child’s safety. Girls will be able to participate more comfortably if wearing shorts or pants instead of skirts or dresses. Thank you for your help in this matter.
Day 1-  Simonis, Sidebottom, Calnan
Day 2-  Coutu, Puishys, Spicer
Day 3 – J. LaBonte (2nd grade), Chartier, Cote
Day 4 -  Vangel, Bachand, Yeulenski
Day 5 -  Forget, Dodge, Lewis
Day 6 - Allen, Kelley, Galotti
* Students in Jeffers, Theriault, and A. LaBonte (Kindergarten) have been split up and absorbed into the other classes for specials. Please email me at if not sure.