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One of our favorite activities that we do several times during the school year is called Activity Stations. Stations are set up around the gym as follows:
Basketball Station: students may dribble, shoot, and do a chest pass against a wall.
Hop Scotch: a great activity to improve balance and co-ordination. 
Balloon Volleyball: students see how many times they can tap the balloon, either by themselves or with a partner. 
Balance Beam: just 7” off the ground, another good balancing activity. 
Exercise Station: students can do chin-ups as well as stretching and strength-building exercises. 
Tumbling: skills include the log roll, forward roll, cartwheel, backward roll (2nd grade), and wheelbarrel with a partner. 
Jump Rope & Hula Hoop: a fun way to improve rhythm, co-ordination, and aerobic conditioning. 
Roller Racers: just for fun!