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March 2013

The character trait for the month of March is Cooperation. Students learn that their cooperation is always needed in P.E., but especially when we play Blob Tag or do a Wheel Barrel with a partner (all grades); perform the Hula Hoop Pass (1st & K); construct a Hula Hoop Igloo (1st & 2nd); or get untangled from the Human Knot (2nd grade). All of these demonstrate that cooperation leads to success and more fun!
All grades will also be getting ready for our Multi-Cultural Event coming up on April 4th (a separate announcement will be sent home sometime soon). Kindergartenerswill be learning a game from Ghana very similar to Duck, Duck, Goose called Antoakyire. First graders will be playing a game from Puerto Rico called Un Dos Tres Pescao (1-2-3 Fish). And Second Graders will be learning a Polish Polka circle dance. We hope that you will be able to join us that night.