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In March, students in all grade levels will be learning basic basketball skills.  We use junior-sized, rubber basketballs which are lighter in weight and easier for small hands to use.  Kindergarten students will start off with “experimenting”: What can you do with the ball?  How many different ways can you play with the ball?  Students will learn to dribble by “pushing” (not slapping at) the ball.


First and second grade students will be refining their skills by navigating through the Basketball Obstacle Course.  The course consists of a series of cones to weave through, two X’s (marked in tape) on the wall to practice a chest pass, and three baskets to shoot at.  Dribbling with their nondominant hand as well as shooting at various angles is encouraged.


Second grade students have also been introduced to a more advanced jump rope skill, running through a turning rope.  Boys and girls teams in each class will demonstrate good sportsmanship as they work together to achieve their best score.  The highest scoring teams will receive a “golden jump rope award” to hang in their classrooms to remind them of their achievement.  


On a personal note, I want to thank everyone for your cards, warm wishes, and concern during my recent hip replacement surgery.  It was my second HR within the past year and a half (I now have a matching set!), so I hope to finally be off crutches and good for another 100,000 miles.  And thank you, students, for such a warm welcome back!