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We are off to a fun start to the new school year. Kindergarten students are learning how to move safely through space while avoiding other people. Children will also be introduced to various pieces of equipment and learn how to use and play with each piece safely. First and Second graders will start the year off with a soccer unit. Although we do not get into “team play” at this age, we will be learning basic skills and playing a number of soccer lead-up games that reinforce those skills.
Please know on which day your child has P.E. and help him/her to dress accordingly. Sneakers (or sturdy, flat, nonslip shoes---no heals or sandals, please) are mandatory to ensure your child’s safety in the gym. Girls will be able to participate more comfortably if wearing shorts or pants. Thank you for your help in this matter!
The P.E. schedule is as follows:
Monday: Coutu, Dalimonte, Dodge, and Simonis
Tuesday: Calnan, Forget, Gelineau, and Theriault
Wednesday: Chartier, Lewis, Pepka, and Yeulenski
Thursday: Cote, Kelley, Sidebottom, and Vangel
Friday: Bachand, Jeffers, Piasecki, Puishys, and Spicer.