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More Music Enrichment Activities

More Music Enrichment Activities


Elements of Music:

If you have access to youtube, watch the following about elements of music: beat, rhythm, pitch, tempo (fast and slow), and naming lines and spaces on the staff.  These are animated videos with Mike the microphone and Luigi’s baton, Cadence the drummer and Fret the guitar explaining musical elements with song.


The Music Show--6 separate episodes, a few minutes long each:

Episode 1:  The Beat is the Heart of Music

Episode 2:  I’ve Got Rhythm

Episode 3:  Take a Rest

Episode 4:  Sing High, Low, Middle 

Episode 5:  Presto is Fast, Largo is Slow 

Episode 6:  Lines and Spaces, Baby

Music Express Forte Piano (loud and quiet)

These videos are about note values and note names on the treble clef staff:

Musical Notes!  Learning About Music for Kids


From MusicK-8 magazine, these videos are about naming notes on the treble clef staff.  They have animated characters and song to teach musical concepts:

Treble Clef:  I Knew You Were Treble:

Naming line notes:Every Good Boy Does Fine

Naming space notesFACE

Learning about rests (silent beats): Give It a Rest

Quarter Note:



Any grade:  Sing a song from music class to a grownup or other member of your family

The Penguin Polka (on youtube)

(this is from the 2nd grade concert in January)

Sing/say any of your fingerplays (Two Little Bluebirds, One little dinosaur, A Turkey and a Duck, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Six Little Ducks, or any other one you remember)

Instruments of the Orchestra:

Watch the video “The Remarkable Farkle McBride” by John Lithgow

Watch Cello Wars, a Star Wars parody, Lightsaber duel on cello


Tell someone an instrument you want to play and why