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News from Grade 2


Happy New Year to everyone!
I hope that everyone had a nice Winter Break, despite the frigid temperatures.


We are beginning our 3rd anthology unit on What surprises us in the world around us.  We will begin Week 1 by learning about the Earth's forces. The rest of the unit will focus on; the sky, ways people help, weather, and expressing yourself. The students will continue to work on reading fluency, comprehension, and citing evidence from what they have read. We will also be writing Opinion Letters, which is a form of Expository writing. 

In math, students will continue to work on saying and writing numbers to 1000. They are focusing on the place value and value of a number. To build math fluency at home, please review math facts using flash cards or the website that each student can complete at home each night.

We have off on January 15th for MLK Day, and January 16th for a teacher PD day.


We have half days schedules throughout the school year. Please know that we cover a FULL DAY of Writing and Reading on these days, therefore it is very important to attend school on these days. Students are responsible for their work for each week, and having all 6 days is imperative for them to have the time needed to complete their assignments to the best of their ability.

Thank you in advance for supporting our important work here at school.

Deb Castellani
(508) 943-4554