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Charlotte's Web and More!

Today the class started reading Charlotte's Web.  We will be working on at least a chapter a day, finishing right before the winter break.  Everyone is excited about doing this and I am hopeful to end the novel with the movie on the half day - December 23.  Writing continues with "Paragraph of the Week" as we concentrate on proper punctuation, capitalization and complete thoughts.  

In math we are working on 1 and 2 digit multiplication.  We are learning many different ways to find solutions.  We will continue with multiplication until winter break, having our first test on 1 digit multiplication on December 9.  If you find you have a few extra minutes at home, practice the multiplication tables up to 11 with your child.

Social Studies has begun, learning about the southeast states.  We will be learning about the economic, geographic and history of the region.  Be on the look out for a final project to be presented on December 14 and 15.  This final project will allow the student to learn more about a topic discussed and present to the class what was discovered.