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Integrated Preschool Program

Webster Public Schools Integrated Preschool 
2020 - 2021 School Year
In September 2020, the Webster Public Schools Integrated Preschool Program anticipates openings in both the morning and afternoon preschool sessions.  This program provides children with and without special needs a quality early childhood educational experience.  Each class will meet for either morning or afternoon 4- day sessions at Park Avenue Elementary School. The program follows the Webster Public Schools calendar.
Preschool applications can be picked up at Park Avenue Elementary School and at the Student Services Office in the District Administration Building. Applications are also available on the Special Education Page of the district website (
Applications will be accepted between February 24, 2020 and March 27, 2020 between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  Completed applications should be dropped off at the Student Services Office, Webster Public School Administrative Offices,  located at 77 Poland Street in Webster. Applicants should bring a certified birth certificate for their child as well as proof of residency (i.e. utility bill or statement showing your current address). At the time of application, you will be asked to complete a registration packet which will be maintained with your child’s application and forwarded to the school if you child is chosen for an open slot. 
All applicants will be expected to participate in a screening appointment. They will receive notification of this appointment at the time they complete their application. Upon completion of the screening process, children determined eligible to fill vacancies as typical, or non-disabled peers, will be maintained on an enrollment list and a lottery will be held, if necessary, during the week of April 27, 2020 to determine who will be placed into the available slots.  Should we received more applications than we have space for, applicants not chosen at this time will remain on a waiting list to be considered for future openings.  The enrollment waiting list will be maintained at the Student Services Office and used to fill vacancies that become available in the future. Parents of children who remain on the list after all vacancies have been filled will be contacted to verify that they wish to remain on the list.
Final registration will take place in  May 2020 at the District Administration Office. All registration forms, including immunization and health examination forms must be received at the time of application in order for your child to be considered for placement. An open house will be held in June 2020 for applicants who are placed for the 2020-2021 school year. 
There is no registration fee and no tuition fee for the Integrated Preschool Program.  
Children must be four years old before September 1, 2020, and be a resident of the Town of Webster at the time of application, in order to be eligible for enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year.
Transportation to and from the preschool program is the responsibility of the parent.
Please submit your completed application in person at the Student Services Department, Webster Public School Administration Offices, during the designated enrollment dates and times.
Any questions can be directed to the Special Education Office at 508-943-3646.