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Office of Business and Finance

The Webster Public Schools Office of Business and Finance is primarily responsible for the management of the financial processes of the school system, including budget, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, financial management of grants and gifts, and collection of fees.  The Business Manager serves as the School Department's Chief Purchasing Officer for purposes of the state's Uniform Procurement Act and other bidding statutes and regulations.
In addition to its central mission above, the Office of Business and Finance serves as the coordinating agency for implementation of the School Facilities Policy; for monitoring and reporting school system demographics, for data collection related to policy deliberation and collective bargaining strategy of the Webster School Committee; for implementation of regulations accompanying mandated programs such as the End-of-Year and Fall Reporting, School Lunch Program, and others.
The Office of Business and Finance also oversees Food Services, Transportation, Facilities Maintenance, Information Technology and other communication systems and oversee construction projects for the district, .