• Spanish II Hnrs: F

    Instructor: Ms. Masterson


  • 24 de marzo a 28 de marzo

    1.) Complete monster project and presentation
    2.) Study chapter 11(2): body parts, feelings, doler for quiz Tuesday
    3.) Begin homework and classwork on chapter 12

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  • 17 de marzo a 21 de marzo

    1.) Complete homework/class work and begin to study body parts for a quiz on Friday
    2.) Complete homework/class work on grammar from 11(2). Quiz next week.

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  • 10 de marzo a 14 de marzo

    1.) Memorize and perform conversation from chapter 11, section 1 about feelings and activities
    2.) Study chapter 11, section 1 for quiz Tuesday.
    3.) Complete homework and class work for chapter 11, section 2

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  • 3 de marzo a 7 de marzo

    1.) Study Direct Object notes and sheets for Quiz on Tuesday. (Prepare to answer 1 of the 10 questions aloud).

    2.) Complete homework and class work on chapter 11

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  • 24 de febrero a 28 de febrero

    1.) Study for preterite verb folder test on Tuesday
    2.) Complete homework and class work on direct object pronouns.
    3.) Quiz will be Monday on direct object pronouns

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  • 10 de febrero a 14 de febrero

    1.) Complete homework and classwork about the past tense verb folder.
    2.) Study for quiz on irregulars Wednesday.
    3.) Prepare 10-sentence presentation (memorized) about you and a friend for Friday.

    4.) Study entire folder for a test on Tues, 2/25

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  • 3 de febrero a 7 de febrero

    1.) Conversation on Commands/Polite Requests will be performed on Monday/Tuesday. Memorize your lines!

    2.) Quiz on Chapter 10(2), commands and polite requests Tuesday, 2/4

    3.) Complete homework and class work on the new Verb Folder (past tense)

    4.) Please check PowerSchool to be sure that you have completed all assignments from the first weeks of the quarter. Many people have missing …

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  • 27 de enero a 31 de enero

    1.) Study for quiz on the holidays and present progressive (ch. 10-1)

    2.) Journal project due Tuesday, 1/28

    3.) Complete homework, class work, and conversation preparation on ch. 10-2, polite requests and informal commands. Conversations will be performed on Monday, 2/3. Quiz Tuesday on ch. 10-2.

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  • 21 de enero a 24 de enero

    1.) Complete homework and classwork on chapter 10(1), includig 2 writing assignments
    2.) Study for quiz on Ch. 10(1) - holidays and present progressive
    3.) Continue to work on journal project. 7 rough drafts due by Friday, 1/24. Final project (corrected and illustrated) due on Tuesday, 1/28.

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  • 13 de enero a 17 de enero

    1.) Midterm exam this week on chapters 8 and 9. Study!

    2.) Continue to work on the journal project. All 7 rough draft entries must be submitted by Friday, January 24 and the final projected (corrected entries and illustrations) is due on Tuesday, January 28.

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  • Projects

    1.) The clothing catalogue project should be submitted by Monday, January 6, 2014.

    2.) Students should complete rough drafts 4 and 5 for the journal project by Friday, January 10, 2014. The final journal project with 7 corrected entries and pictures is due on January 28, 2014.

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  • Midterm exams January 14-16, 2014

    Midterm review packets will be given on January 7, 2014. The speaking portion will take place at the end of the week. Memorization at home will be required.

    Begin to study all vocabulary and grammar from chapters 8 and 9.

    The midterm exam will be given over two days, one day for the essay and one for the objective portion to be completed by January 16, 2014.

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  • 9 de diciembre a 13 de diciembre

    1.) Complete class work on chapter 9(1) and study for quiz midweek.
    2.) Begin notes and homework on clothing, ch. 9(2)
    3.) Start rough drafts of journal project. Final project due January 28.

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  • 2 de diciembre a 6 de diciembre

    1.) Prepare, memorize, and perform restaurant conversation
    2.) Complete homework and classwork on chapter 9(1). Quiz will be by Wednesday of next week.

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  • 12 de noviembre a 15 de noviembre

    1.) Complete homework and classwork on numbers (0-1 milion)
    2.) Study numbers for Quiz Thursday
    3.) Continue to work on replica and/or Spanish sentences for artist project, due Monday, 11/25

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  • 4 de noviembre a 8 de noviembre

    1.) Complete class work review of chapter 8(2) (ser and estar uses with food, adjectives and agreement, expressions with tener)
    2.) Study for Quiz Tuesday on Chapter 8(2)
    3.) Complete class and homework on numbers
    4.) Library visit 2 on Friday to begin Spanish sentences for artist project. Project is due on November 25. You must work on your replica at home.

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  • 28 de octubre - 1 de noviembre

    1.) Continue work with foods in chapter 8, section 2 (describing). Quiz Tuesday of next week. Complete homework and classwork.
    2.) Bring promised items for food days for Day of the Dead celebration on Thursday and Friday. Gracias.

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  • 21 de octubre - 25 de octubre

    1.) Complete food and verb homework
    2.) Study 2nd half of foods list and remaining verbs for Quiz Thursday
    3.) Library visit on Friday to begin research for artist project

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  • 15 de octubre - 18 de octubre

    1.) Complete classwork and homework assignments about foods and food preferences
    2.) Study food list and notes on gusta/encanta for quiz on Friday.

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  • 7 de octubre a 11 de octubre

    1.) Complete verb review essay in Spanish by Thursday
    2.) Complete homework sheets about foods and the verb "encantar"
    3.) Quiz on Foods will be next week

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  • 1st Quarter Progress Reports

    Progress reports for the 1st quarter of 2013-2014 close on Friday, 9/27. Please be sure that you have completed all assignments, made up any missing quizzes or tests, and had your notebook checked.

    All students must submit the 5-paragraph article essay (in English) on Friday, 9/27. Please see or email me if you have any questions.

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  • Final Exams

    Complete the homework assignment in the final exam review packet for tomorrow. The remainder of the week will be dedicated to the spoken portion of the exams, which involves a conversation with a partner and an individual presentation. Students will prepare the conversation in class, but will need to memorize it at home and also prepare for their individual speaking presentation. Please begin to …

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  • 3 de junio - 7 de junio

    1.) Study chapter 2 packet for Quiz on Thursday.
    2.) Complete comic strip project using chapter 2 packet (6 pictures, 18 sentences) for Wednesday.

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  • 28 de mayo - 31 de mayo

    1.) Complete homework on chapter 2
    2.) Study for quiz on chapter 2

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  • 20 de mayo - 24 de mayo

    1.) Complete worksheets from chapter 1 packet
    2.) Prepare and memorize partner presentation for the end of the week
    3.) Begin to study chapter 1 packet for the quiz (Friday for A, early next week for others)

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