• Marketing I: E

    Instructor: Mrs. Hoenig


  • Chapter 6 Consumers and the Government

    This week we will learn about: EPA FDA CPSC OSHA EEOC ​System of checks and balancesWe will discuss these government agencies in class, and answer questions for homework.

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  • Chapter 5 Free Enterprise

    1/20/15. Things that make us a "Free Enterprise"... competition business ownership profit supply vs. demand
    We will define and discuss these concepts in class.

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  • Business plan presentations

    These will be completed and presented the week of June 2nd. What to include: mission statement slogan/logo location/demographics of this area excel sheet of supplies excel sheet of employee schedule employee contracts/expectations social responsibility or "green initiative" distribution strategy merchandising and pricing strategyThis is worth 3 test grades. Be prepared to present this information …

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  • Final week for Stock Market Challenge

    On Tuesday, we will check the final price for your stock portfolio and award a grand prize and a booby prize!
    Create a brochure using Publisher on "Going Green".
    Persuade me on why I should consider this initiative-- What does "Going Green" mean? How is this done? Why should we do this? Who has done these things? What can be recycled? What can't be recycled?

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  • Stock Market Challenge

    Monday- you will check your stock portfolio and record any gains or losses. We will also listen to Notable Leader Power Point presentations from the class members who have not yet presented. Be prepared to score each presentation with your Peer Assessment Rubric.

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    See your class officers during lunch to order your senior t-shirt.
    Payment in full is required before we can place your order.

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  • Leader Power Point

    Due Tuesday, April 15--power point on the leader you find most notable. Who is this person? Why is he/she most notable? Mission? Skills they possess that helped them become an effective leader. Time period this person lived inYou'll be graded with the Oral Rubric, and the Research Rubric. This is worth 2 test grades.

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  • Chapter 5 Why is the US a Free Enterprise?

    Test Tuesday, 4-8-14. Be prepared to discuss manager's functions and reasons for delegating. Study all notes and read chapter thoroughly for understanding.
    Stock Market Game begins Monday, April 14th.

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  • Power Point on Great Leaders

    Choose a partner.
    Due Monday, April 7th.
    Create a power point on a notable leader/manager.
    Include the following: Who is he/she? Why are they notable? Strengths? Weaknesses? Mission and Vision of this person? Who do they work for? What have you learned anything about leading from this person?You'll be graded with the Oral and the Collaboration Rubrics.

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  • Quinsigamond Community College

    Accuplacer testing is now complete. (3 times)
    Take your results to either Southbridge or Worcester campus to register for classes.
    We will work on the CIS website this week and complete the career plan.
    What are your goals? What do you need to get there?

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  • Why is the US a Free Enterprise?

    This week--we will finish the notes on this chapter. Study the following terms/concepts-- competition--price vs. nonprice equilibrium point--supply vs. demand profit vs. expenses risk monopoly ownership of business in a Capitalist Economy nonprofit organizations public vs. private sector jobsEssay due Monday, March 31st--"What type of Nonprofit Charity would you, as a business owner, support and …

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  • Chapter 5

    We will study the US as a Free Enterprise system. How does competition help consumers? How do businesses participate in cause-related marketing?

    Due Thursday, 3/27/14--essay on which non-profit (charity) you would support as a business-owner. Why? Show statistics that support the popularity/need for this organization. You will be graded with the writing rubric.

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  • Test chapter 4

    Test on Tuesday 3/11/14. For Wednesday, 3/12/14- read chapter 5 and define all terms. Be prepared to discuss manifests, distribution, and methods of delivery.

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  • Chapter 4 International Trade

    We will finish all notes and term discussion. Monday and Tuesday of next week, we will review the chapter with review games. Test will be on Wednesday, March 12th.

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  • Franchise Projects

    We will finish presenting your franchise power points by Friday, 2/28/14. You will be graded using the academic research rubric and the oral rubric.
    On Monday, we will review chapter 4 (international trade) with a review game. Test on Tuesday, 3/4/14.
    Study the following: NAFTA Multinational Quota Embargo Economic interdependence Protective tariff European Union Proprietary information …

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