• Grades 7/8 Life Skills

    Instructor: Ms. O'Connor

    The Grade 7/8 life skills classroom is located at in Bartlett Jr/Sr. High School.  The classroom has a teacher, an instructional assistant and two ABA technicians.  Throughout the day we focus on functional living skills and academics.  The students work on improving their reading skills based upon their individual needs.  Students also work on identifying figurative language in literature and using figurative language to improve their writing.  In math, students are focusing on navigating real world math problems.  In order to do that, students will be working on improving basic math fluency, math vocabulary, and problem solving skills.  In Social Studies/History, students are learning about life in Ancient Greece.  Students have investigated the Greek gods, Alexander the Great, the Acropolis, the Agora, Philosophy and Art.  In science students are currently completing a unit in Biology on the systems of the Human Body.