• English Literature Adv Pl: A

    Instructor: Mr. Constantine


  • Week of September 30th

    Monday 9/30: Ashley's Symbol, Allegory, and Fantasy

    Tuesday 10/1: Alicia's Humor and Irony Presentation

    Wednesday 10/2: Sujal's Evaluating Fiction Presentation

    Thursday 10/3: Calibration "The Crossing"

    Friday 10/4: Continue Calibration on "The Crossing"; Lit Term #1 due!

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  • Week of September 23rd

    Monday 9/23: Emily Chapter 3 Characterization Presentation

    Tuesday 9/24: Kellie's Chapter 4 Theme Presentation

    Wednesday 9/25: Kelsi's Chapter 5 POV Presentation

    Thursday 9/26: No class

    Friday 9/27: Ashley's Chapter 6 Symbol, Allegory, and Fantasy Presentation

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  • Week of September 9th

    Monday 9/9: Perrine's Chapters Presentation work in the fishbowl

    Tuesday 9/10: Classic Word Origins F-Worthy Paper

    Wednesday 9/11: Plot Setting and College Application Essay

    Thursday 9/12: Perrine's Chapter Presentations

    Friday 9/13: Timed Writing Prompt

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  • Here's What Is Going On In Class For The Week Of Septmeber 3!!!

    Tuesday 9/3: Book Talk on Life of Pi; counts as oral grade

    Wednesday 9/4:Continue Book Talk

    Thursday 9/5: Complete Book Talk

    Friday 9/6: Dropped class

    Hope you all have a great week!! :)

    Mr. Constantine and Miss Rafferty

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