• Biology-Advanced: C

    Instructor: Ms. Coulson


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    Final Addition to the Family!

    Kaiden is here, was born Friday at 4:51pm. We made it to exactly 32 weeks gestation like his big bro Ronan. He weighted in at 4 pounds even and 17.5 inches long. He has a tough few weeks ahead of him in the NICU but we are just so happy he is here and getting the care he needs.

    Please be good for Ms. O'Connor and finish up the year strong. I will come in to see you as soon as I can move safely …

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  • Quiz Time

    Punnett Square quiz will be this week. Depending on the drop block and baring major snow storms plans they will be as follows:

    Tuesday 3/25 for period E
    Wednesday 3/26 for Period C

    They will be on both basic and double punnett squares....be sure to complete your practice sheets!! It will help you for the quiz!

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  • Chapter 11 Work Outline

    Chapter 11 Work Outline
    We are moving on to chapter 11 this week. This chapter focuses on an introduction to genetics and meiosis. The following is a work outline of the work that will be assigned as part of this chapter. Also all the worksheets that are listed in this outline are available for you to print from the folders on the website if you are not in class to get a copy from me. Book …

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  • Chapter 10 Work Outline

    Chapter 10 Work Outline
    This chapter begins our move into the cell division process. This is something you covered in Junior High but as with other topics we will be covering it in more detail. It is a relatively quick chapter overall. We will have at least one if not 2 quick quizzes early in the chapter to be sure you are all on the same page with the topic.Book Work:Vocab for chapter (page …

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  • Welcome Back

    We are back from break and pushing into finishing chapter 9 this week. We will be working through 9-2 and 9-3 Monday through Wednesday and Test will be either Thursday or Friday of this week depending on drop blocks and such. All book work will be due then as well as worksheets and objectives. See me for extra help if needed. Quick quiz results are posted on Power school just waiting for a few …

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  • ch 9 work outline

    Chapter 9 work Outline
    This chapter directly links to the one we just finished. The main goal will be for you to understand the process of cell respiration and see how it connects to the process of photosynthesis in plants.Book WorkChapter 9 Vocab9.1 10 Key facts & Questions page 253 #1-39.2 12 Key facts & Questions page 260 #1-49.3 10 Key facts & Questions page 265 #1-2Opinion Writing …

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  • Mid term and course selection

    There will be a mid term next week that will cover chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 only. Just about all the questions will come directly from their previous tests and most will be multiple choice. It is only an hour long testing time. This grade will not show up on their report card I will hold it and when they take the final on the remaining chapters in June I will average the two tests together. …

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  • Chapter 8 Work Outline

    Chapter 8 Work OutlinePhotosynthesis Book Work Chapter 8 vocabulary8-1 10 key facts Questions page 228 #1-28-2 10 key facts, Questions page 234 #1-58-3 10 key facts, Questions page 241 #1-3Writing AssignmentBiology & History page 229. Summary should follow same format as article summaries (one page, 12 font, 1 ½ spaced) WorksheetsChapter 8 ObjectivesWorksheets 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, and vocab …

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  • Ch 7 Test Update

    With the snow delays and such we have not made it through as much work as I would have liked before break. That said, I told all my classes that we would not be testing on the full chapter unless we finished the material. With that in mind I have decided to break the chapter into two parts. This Friday both period C and E will be having a partial chapter test. Only the first two sections will be …

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  • Ch 7 Work Outline

    Chapter 7 Cells Work Outline
    We begin a long unit for cells this week. This unit starts with the basic info for cells (chapter 7) then moves into photosynthesis, cell respirations, and cell growth and division. It is 4 action packed chapters of cell fun. Buckle up it’s a bumpy ride!Chapter 7 workBook work Vocab7.1 10 key facts, Questions page 194 #1-37.2 12 key facts, Questions page 205 …

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  • Chapter 5

    Chapter 5 Work Outline
    This is a short quick chapter and we will push through it rather quickly. Be sure to stay on top of things and don’t wait for the last day to get all your work done!Book workChapter 5 vocabulary- all 3 sections5.1 12 key facts and Questions pg 135 #1-45.2 10 key facts and Questions pg 141 #1-35.3 8 Key facts and Questions pg 145 #1-2Writing Assignment- Biology and …

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  • Parents Night

    Due to a scheduling conflict with a school required class I have this evening I will be unable to be here for parents night tonight. If any parent wants to meet to talk about how your child is doing please email me at mcafarelli@webster-schools.org and we can set up a private meeting time. I apologize for this inconvenience but I can not be in two places at once.

    Thank you-
    Mrs. Coulson

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  • Upcoming Important Dates

    Biosphere Essay

    Biosphere Questions were given out in class yesterday. We will be watching the video on this today in class. Be sure to follow along with your sheets. All the links you need for your essay can be found to the right under Biosphere including the video in case you want to re-watch a part. Essay's are due in class on Thursday (11/14). I will attach the questions and assignment below …

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  • First Quiz for ch 3

    Tomorrow (11/7) there will be your first quiz on chapter 3. It will focus on section 3.1- 3.3. Be sure to review your vocab and all the notes we have done up till now!

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  • Chapter 3 & 4 Outline

    Ecology Unit Work Outline (Chapters 3 & 4)
    This next section will be completed as a unit. This will include chapters 3 and 4. You will have a series of quizzes through the process of going through the material and then a unit test and project at the end.Chapter 3 work
    Chapter 3 vocabulary3.1 8 key facts and questions pg 68 #1-33.2 8 Key facts and questions page 72 # 1-23.3 12 Key facts and …

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  • Chapter 2 Mini Test B

    ****Date of the test will be Monday October 28th for both Period C and Period E Advanced Biology****

    It focuses on sections 2.3 and 2.4 of the book. Be sure to review the vocabulary and the notes for each section. Major topics from these sections include the 4 macromolecules of biology (Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids) as well as everything we covered about enzymes! All …

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  • Work for chapter 2 test part B

    Chapter 2 Work Outline B
    Test 2Book workVocab sections 3 & 42-3 10 key facts2-4 10 key facts2-3 Questions #1-3 pg 492-4 Questions #1-3 pg 53 Worksheets2.32.4Chapter ReviewVocab ReviewMacromolecule Table LabAcid-Base Lab There is a full lab write up due after completion of labDue date Monday October 21st For period C Tuesday 10/22 for E Period Mini Test for sections 3 & 4 only Anticipated date …

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  • Welcome

    Pages are officially up and running. We are testing today on the first half of chapter two and will be completing a lab for the next two days. Please remember to dress appropriately for lab if you wish to participate. This is extremely important due to the fact we are working with acids and bases for the lab. Each student is asked to bring in a small fluid sample of some time from their home (be …

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