• Assistant Principal, Anthony Kaczynski

    Welcome the Webster Middle School Website. Our goal is to help you stay informed and involved in your child’s educational experience. 
    At the start of the school year your child received our new Student Handbook and I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the changes that were made. If you have not yet had a moment to read through it with your child, it is important that you now take the time to do so and upon completion, please sign the Internet Use and Access Form along with the Student Guidelines / Policy Signature Sheet. These forms must be turned in as soon as possible. Thanks!
    Some of the changes I want to draw your attention to that were made over the summer can be found on pages 2 and 3 of the Student Handbook. 
    • By law, students must attend school and are not permitted to have more than seven (7) absences in a six month period. On page 3 of the Handbook please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Excused Absences and Unexcused Absences. Administration, in an ongoing effort to create a policy that is fair to our families and school personnel, has devised an absenteeism protocol that hopefully will build a solid foundation and long-lasting relationship between home and school that promotes the importance of attending school daily. Please pay special attention to this policy and become familiar with the school’s actions as we now currently operate on a schedule of 4, 8, 12, 15 and 20 unexcused absences.  Do not hesitate to contact administration should our assistance be required with this matter.
    • On the same page you’ll find our protocol for Tardiness. This policy was adopted last year and proved to be very successful. The early numbers this year indicate that the success attained a year ago is not a coincidence. Our school day begins promptly at 8:15 and we expect all students to be in their class, at their desk, and prepared to begin their day at this time. If a child is tardy he/she must report to the main office to receive a late slip and then report to their homeroom. Constant tardiness will be addressed in the following manner:
     After five (5) tardies your child will be required to serve one before school detention (7:45 – 8:10)
     After ten (10) tardies your child will be required to serve two before school detentions (7:45 – 8:10)
     After fifteen (15) tardies your child will be required to serve one week before school detentions (7:45 – 8:10)
    I cannot stress the importance of having your child in school everyday and on time. Our goal is to raise and educate our children in a rigorous, engaging, supportive, diverse academic environment.   Their attendance in school is essential in reaching this goal. I thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.
    If I can be of assistance in the future, answer any questions, or assist with any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at 508-943-1922 or by e-mail at: akaczynski@webster-schools.org. Thank you.