Bartlett High School Building Project Update:


    a.   On Wednesday, August 25, 2021 the Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ruthann Goguen along with Assistant Superintendent for Business & Finance Monique Pierangeli, OPM Ken Guyette and Architect Kent Kovacs attended the MSBA Board meeting for approval to move forward with the Schematic Design Phase.  We are excited to announce the MSBA did approve the project to move forward.  The Building Committee will continue to work with the Project team to further define the project which will need future approval from the Webster Residents in the Spring of 2022.

    b.   In the Preliminary Design Development phase we met many times with the MSBA, OPM, Architects, Educational Visioning Consultant, and the School Building Committee. All the work and meetings resulted in a final Preliminary Design Plan that was submitted to MSBA on April 16th.   We are currently waiting for their feedback from the MSBA to proceed with the next phase, the start of the Preferred Schematic Report. It is very important that we gather feedback from all constituents in this phase as the final Preferred Schematic Report is due to the MSBA early July. Once MSBA approves the Preferred Schematic Report, the district is locked into the option. I encourage everyone to take part in the community forums to learn more about the options and to learn more about how the Educational Visioning plan for the future impacts the learning spaces at Bartlett High School. 

BHS Building Committee

  • The Bartlett High School Building Committee was formed on September 17, 2019.   


    Building Committee Members are:

             David Hurton, Chairperson & Community Member  - Voting Member
             Ted Avlas, Vice Chair & Community Member  - Voting Member
             Lisa Kontoes, Recording Secretary & Selectperson's representative - Voting Member
             Sheila Blythe, School Committee Representative - Voting Member
             Ruthann Goguen, Superintendent of Schools
             Monique Pierangeli, Business Manager & MCPPO
             Doug Willardson, Town Administrator
             Tim Bell, Finance Director
             Ted Tetreault, Building Inspector
             Allan Young, Head Custodian & Community Member - Voting Member
             Fran Thomas, Principal

             Gina Nieves, Dean of Students & Parent - Voting Member
             Tony Paranto, Community Member - Voting Member


    The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) has approved for the Town of Webster to enter into a Feasibility Study at the cost of $1,000,000 to be reimbursed at a rate of 76.84% to the Town of Webster tax payers.  This study will identify problems, craft solutions, develop drawings and outline cost estimates and a construction schedule.  The feasibility study was approved by the Town of Webster Voters at the Special Town Meeting on January 13, 2020.

    Once the Feasibility study is complete the School Building Committee will come back to the town with recommended options for repair and or renovation.