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    2017-2020 Donations





    Dunkin Donut Food Truck WMS & Central Office 5/7/2021

    Food and drink from the Food Truck for staff

    Easert Meals and food boxes District 3/30/2021 TMD Small Business Group, the Black Tavern Historical Society and The First Congretional Church of Dudley
    Food boxes WMS & BHS 3/0/2021 It Starts At Home
    Toys PAE 3/18/2021 It Starts At Home
    Pies for PiDay WMS & BHS 3/14/2021 Table Talk Pies
    100 PPP Masks WMS & PAE 3/12/2021 United Way
    Backpacks District 2/2021 It Starts At Home
    Winter Coats District  11/2020 It Starts At Home
    PPE Products District 9/2020 Gentex Optics
    PPE Products District 9/2020 Henke Sass World of America, Inc.
    $4,000 for Gr 4 Manipulatives District 9/2020 Mapfre
    $5,000 for PPE Products District  9/2020 Curaleaf
    Backpacks and school supplies PAE 9/2020 St. Constantine & Helen Orthodox Church
    Backpacks and school supplies PAE 9/2020 Lifesong Church
    Bike Helmets PAE & WMS 6/2020 Boston Childrens Hospital
    Draw string bags with school supplies PAE 6/2020 It Starts from Home
    Craft Kits District 6/2020 Home Depot
    RealMadrid Fundacion / Mapfre District  2/2020 Afterschool social sports program
     Jon O'Neill District 12/2019 Christmas Trees
     Jill St. Cyr / It Starts At Home District 12/2019 Giving Tree Organization
     Christmas Gifts District 12/2019 Mapfre
     Food bank donation District 11/2019 Mapfre
    $18,000 for BHS Band uniforms BHS 11/2019 Mr and Mrs Fels
     $1,500 for BHS Show Choir BHS 11/2019 Curaleaf
    $500  WMS 11/2019 ExxonMobil
    Display Cases BHS 11/2019 Mapfre
    100 Bulbs WMS 11/2019 Wicked Tulips
    Piano  BHS 11/2019 Mapfre
    Reading Books PAE 10/2019 Long Subaru
    School Supplies PAE 10/2019 Webster 5
    Backpacks & School Supplies District 8/2019 Long Subaru
    Organ BHS   BHS Alumni Stephen Solty's
    $17,000 for BHS Music Program BHS   Janet Malser Foundation
    $2,000 in Playground Equipment PAE   Big Lots
    Nichols Honors Academy -
    Computers & Busing for students
    BHS   Mr. & Mrs. Fels

    $8,295 in Grants for 3 schools
      Webster Education Foundation
    Back Packs & Supplies PAE
      Long Suburu
    $1,500 in Gift Cards BHS   Paige Chiropractic
    Grand Piano BHS   Arthur Blasberg III, MD
    Office Furniture DISTRICT   Webster First Federal Credit Union
    $500.00 WMS   Exxon Mobil
    $13,967.50 DISTRICT   Curaleaf
    Backpacks DISTRICT   WB Mason