Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Susan E Tosches Dodd

My name is Mrs.Dodd,MSEd.I am a Transition Specialist for The Post-Graduate Program for students ages 18-22Our Programs name is Learn to Work!I am also currently teaching Life Skills students in grade 12

My background includes a Master's Degree in Special Education with teaching experiences from Early Intervention through age 22 !

I also hold an endorsement from the state of MA as a Transition Specialist.A Transition Specialist is a Special Education Teacher with a Master's degree 250 hours of teaching Special Needs students up to age 22, as well s knowledge in planning and assisting students and their families transition from high school to a Post Grad Program, and then again from age 22 on to adult services.

This is my fourth year with my Post Grad Program in The Webster Public Schools. I was pleased to Come to Webster Schools to help develop and impliment the first Post Graduate Program in the Webster district Our program has grown in four years to over twelve work sites for student training, as well as a challenging Vocational Educational Program.

I can be reached at sdodd@websterschools.organy time with questions or concerns!