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FY2018 Budget

  • FY18 Budget - Final Budget.pdf

    The Final FY18 Budget was approved at Town Meeting on May 8 and by the School Committee May 9. It includes Chapter 70 State Aid as recommended in the House Budget. 
  • FY18 School Budget @ Public Hearing.pdf

    FY18 School Committee Public Hearing Presentation. 
  • FY18 School Budget At-A-Glance 2.28.17.pdf

    "Budget At-A-Glance" is a summary of the Webster Public Schools Draft #1 FY18 Budget and amended February 28, 2017, along with additional supporting documentation.
  • FY2018 DESE Chapter 70 Aid - Presentation.pptx

    This presentation from the Department of Education highlights the Governors Budget and explains how Chapter 70 and Local Aid is calculated. 
  • FY2018 Foundation Budget - Final Budget.xlsm

    The Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education is issuing the Final Chapter 70 school aid and net school spending requirements for FY18. 
  • MassBudget - FY2018 Including Veto Overrides.pdf

    This Budget Monitor includes the final funding levels of FY 2017, the current FY 2018 budget, and significant policy changes in each area of the budget. The data on the “current FY 2018 budget” reflects all veto overrides by the Legislature and incorporates funding added to the FY 2018 budget by a supplemental budget enacted in November. These current 2018 budget levels are then compared to the final 2017 budget. 
  • Town FY18 Cherry Sheet - Final.pdf

    The Division of Local Services has posted final Cherry Sheet Revenue and Assessments for the FY2018 budget. 
  • Z - FY2018 Capital Improvement Plan.pdf

    The Webster Public Schools District sends the Town Administrator an Annual Capital Improvement Plan for all school buildings and equipment.