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FY2015 Budget

  • Budget Calendar FY15.xls

  • FY 2015 Budget - Final.pdf

    The FY 2015 Budget was approved at Town Meeting on June 16, 2014. 
  • FY2015 Budget - Foundation.xls

    A foundation budget is calculated for each school district, representing the minimum spending level needed to provide an adequate education. The foundation budget is adjusted each year to reflect changes in the district's enrollment; changes in student demographics (grade levels; low income status; English language proficiency); inflation; and geographical differences in wage levels. 
  • FY2015 Budget Preface.doc

    Budget constraints over the last 5 years continue to have an impact with the districts capacity to implement the programs and personnel required to meet our goals. While state revenues have improved since the last recession, more responsibility has been targeted towards local funding of the education budget. The following information identifies some of the challenges facing our district.
  • FY2015 Budget Presentation 1.14.14 A.ppt

    Draft 1 Budget presentation to school committee
  • FY2015 Budget Presentation 1.28.14 B.pptx

    Based on the Governor's proposed budget, the DESE has calculated Foundation Budget which includes the Local required contribution and Chapter 70 state aid. Here are the numbers for Webster. 
  • FY2015 Cherry Sheets.pdf

    The Cherry Sheet is the official notification by the Commissioner of Revenue to municipalities and school districts of estimated state aid to be paid and charges to be assessed over the next fiscal year. 
  • FY2015 School Committee Capital Improvement Plan.xls

    Adopted by the School Committee and submitted to the Town Administrator. 
  • FY2015 WPS EOY Report & Report of CPA - Part 1.pdf

    The purpose of the report if to describe the scope of CPA testing on internal control and compliance and the result of the testing, as required by the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education. 
  • FY2015 WPS EOY Report & Report of CPA - Part 2.pdf

    It is the opinion of Borgatti Harrison & Co. that the Webster Public Schools complied in all material respects with the compliance requirements that are applicable to Massachusetts School Districts for the year ended June 30, 2015
  • MassBudget - Final Budget FY2015.pdf

    On June 30th the Legislature enacted the state budget for the fiscal year starting
    July 1, 2014. While the Governor, House and Senate had some different priorities and each introduced new initiatives, there
    was significantly more agreement
    throughout this year's process than last year.