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Hi Webster families

My name is Margarita Nieves Carvajal and I’m happy to be Webster Bilingual School Liaison. I have been in the educational field for 20 plus years the majority of them back in Puerto Rico between a teacher position and a School Director. You can see me now around the district…..

1. Supporting family engagement

2. Connecting families to local resources that fit the needs and ages of the families they serve; after school/summer camps/summer opportunities, scholarships, food pantries, fuel assistance, immigration support, and more.

3. Attending school meetings 

4. Assisting with on site sibling registration (K-12)

5. Supporting parent advocacy around understanding the school experience

6. Touring perspective and incoming/rising families

7. Daily communication with school counselors, administrators, students and families

8. Frequent communication with parents/guardians on behalf of the school (e.g. attendance and homework issues, available programs/services, etc.)

9. In conjunction with counselors develop parent/guardian events

10. Conduct parent/guardian meetings as assigned for the purpose of gathering information and/or discussing needs and problems involving students and their families to open communication channels between parents and school 

11. Assist with organizing and leading a variety of outreach programs for students and families and refer students and families to appropriate resources for the purpose of ensuring the needs of students and families are met 

12. Collaborate Coordinating home visits and parents/guardian meetings with schools

Wesdayme DeOliveira

Titles: PAE Family Liaison
Phone Numbers:
School: 508-943-4554

Margarita Nieves M. Ed.

Titles: Bilingual School/Family Liaison
Phone Numbers:
School: 508-943-0104 ext. 40032