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Webster Public Schools Strategic Plan - Instructional Strategies2019-2020Vision Statement: Every student will achieve and together we can and we will make a difference in our students and community!Core Beliefs:1. We believe all students can and will learn.2. We believe all students deserve respect and equitable opportunities for success.3. We believe in the overall well-being of students both in and outside of school.4. We believe achievement rates will increase when students are engaged.5. We believe all decisions will be student centered.6. We believe all students and educators are lifelong learners.7. We believe we can and will provide quality rigorous educational opportunities with clarity, consistency of procedures and programming.8. We believe ownership of the educational process is shared between all members of Webster’s community.Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide a quality education and a safe learning environment for all students and to empower them to succeed as responsible, productive citizens in an ever-changing global society.Theory of Action:IF District Administrators, Building Principals, Teachers and Staff:have a shared visionprovide clear expectations, consistent feedback to students and each otherparticipate in professional development and extended learning opportunitiescreate schedules that maximize core instructional time and professional learning time for educatorswork collaboratively to align and update PreK-12 curriculum (all content areas and integrated arts)engage students using effective researched based instructional strategiesuse benchmarks, formative and summative assessments to monitor student achievementtake immediate action to close learning gaps with researched based interventionsTHEN students will be provided with equal opportunities to achieve at their greatest potential in the Webster Public Schools.Objectives2019-2020 InitiativesQuality Teaching1.We will provide frequent and actionable feedback to teachers regarding their practice by observing teaching and learning in the classroom on a DAILY basis.2. Research informs us the classroom teacher has the most powerful impact on student achievement, so we willcontinue to monitor staff attendance. A day without a teacher can be a lost day of core instruction for students.3. Teachers will engage in professional learning communities, use data to inform instructional practices, and create action plans that are focused on enhancing their lessons.4. We will continue to implement SEI strategies and provide accommodations and modifications in special education and 504 plans.5. Core instruction will be aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.6. A Response to Intervention system will be implemented at each school where Tier 1 and Tier 2 strategies are provided within the classroom.7. We will provide services to students in the least restrictive environment, promoting inclusionary practices andequitable access for ALL students.RigorousCurriculum1. We will continue to implement the core reading curricula with fidelity in grades K-12.2. We will continue to implement the core math curricula with fidelity in grades K-12.3. We will continue to review and update science curricula and utilize the new Stemscopes resources.4. We will continue to provide relevant and ongoing support and professional development to teachers and staff.5. We will continue to assess our programs and our resources in terms of equity for all subgroups.6. Administrators and teachers will work collaboratively to ensure valid data informs instructional practices.7. Administrators and teachers will ensure classroom lessons meet the state frameworks and that they are designed to increasestudent discourse, choice, and engagement.8. The DLT, ILT, teachers, and staff will work collaboratively to analyze student achievement data, create measurable goals, andfollow through with the actions steps in each School Improvement and Turnaround Plan.9. The District’s improvement is contingent upon each school’s success with accomplishing their School Improvement Plan goals.10. The District will continue to prioritize student learning by incorporating researched based practices that are designed to:increase our students’ ability to articulate their thinking in various modalities (speaking, writing, creating products, etc.)to expand our students’ ability to understand the reasoning and various perspectives of othersto develop confidence and critical thinking skills in all our studentsSchool and DistrictImprovementPlans will bealigned to theBudget1.We will continue to monitor the District’s improvement through each School Improvement and Turnaround Plan and determinewhat goals have been met and what new action steps need to be put in place to meet the remaining goals..2. We will continue to increase the level of accountability to ensure EVERYONE is doing the job they were hired to do andEVERYONE is actively engaged in the process of achieving the outlined school improvement goals.3. All administrators and staff will be held accountable for demonstrating annual growth in their own professional skills to ensurethe adults are modeling a culture where continuous learning is expected for continuous growth.4. We will continue to engage parents and guardians by creating more family friendly schools.5. We will continue to engage our community in the process of improving the perception of the Webster Public Schools.W - WE BELIEVE IN TEAMWORK AND CARE ABOUT...E - EVERY STUDENT’S INDIVIDUAL ROAD TO SUCCESSB - BUILDING SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH STUDENTS, FAMILIES AND THE COMMUNITYS - STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT DATAT - TEACHING STUDENTS IN A MULTISENSORY LEARNING ENVIRONMENTE - ENGAGING EVERY SINGLE STUDENT IN THEIR OWN LEARNING PROCESSR - RESULTS THAT DEMONSTRATE STUDENTS MASTERED SKILLS TO BE SUCCESSFUL MEMBERS OF A GLOBAL SOCIETY