• Environmental Science Adv. Pl.: A

    Instructor: Ms. Coulson


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    Final Addition to the Family!

    Kaiden is here, was born Friday at 4:51pm. We made it to exactly 32 weeks gestation like his big bro Ronan. He weighted in at 4 pounds even and 17.5 inches long. He has a tough few weeks ahead of him in the NICU but we are just so happy he is here and getting the care he needs.

    Please be good for Ms. O'Connor and finish up the year strong. I will come in to see you as soon as I can move safely …

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  • Final wrap up for topic 2

    We are wrapping up chapter 5 this week and will push through ch 11 before break next week. I will give you your essay questions before you leave for break so you can start review. When we return we will take the practice test and then the real test mid week, splitting up the MC and the essay sections over 2 days. Be sure to get your comp questions and solution questions done by Monday.

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  • Parents Night

    Due to a scheduling conflict with a school required class I have this evening I will be unable to be here for parents night tonight. If any parent wants to meet to talk about how your child is doing please email me at mcafarelli@webster-schools.org and we can set up a private meeting time. I apologize for this inconvenience but I can not be in two places at once.

    Thank you-
    Mrs. Coulson

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  • Breathe.......

    You guys did it.... you finished your first topic test and over all most of you had a good start at a tough process. Your MC portion of your grades are up on Power School and your Essay Portion will be up by this weekend. It will be part of your first quarter grade.

    This week we will move into topic 2 and we will also be finishing up our final portion of the soil lab.

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  • First topic test!!

    This coming Friday is your first topic test. Friday will be the multiple choice portion and Monday will follow with the open response (short answer portion). This test covers chapters 1, 2, 9,15, and 17 so get studying now. We will be completing a practice test together on Wednesday and reviewing that on Thursday. Now is the time to form your study group and get practicing your vocabulary and …

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    The web pages are up and running and I will be starting to add updates for you here on upcoming labs, quizzes, and tests. I will also link here in a folder down the bottom all important documents you need like the syllabus, lab rubric, and PowerPoint's used in class. Please use this as a resource for class.

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