Let's have some fun with books!
Geronimo Stilton
Harry Potter

Let’s have some fun with BOOKS! 🙃

  • You could dress up as your favorite book character!  How about Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, Geronimo Stilton, the Pigeon or Harry Potter just to name a few?  

    Recreate a character from recycled materials (paper towel tubes, cereal boxes, yarn, paper plates)

    Invent a new character and write a short adventure story!  Mine might be...hmmmm...Waverly Whale, a Watercolor Adventure by Ms. Vangel

    Whatever you might choose to do, feel free to take a picture and send it to me through Dojo or email tvangel@webster-schools.org


    You could also check out the websites below and let me know what you think!  Read an article, draw an illustration and add a text box of facts, or just find a funny joke to tell at the dinner table.  You know, repeated readings of the same joke will build reading fluency, the ability to read as though you are talking!  Jokes also help to lighten the mood and keep us connected to others...now is a great time to share a joke with someone (maybe even a teacher, through Dojo messenger or email)!  


    go to: 

    kids.nationalgeographic.com  Animals, Landforms, Photographs from Around the World

    www.jokesbykids.com  Great Jokes

    www.sikids.com  Sports Illustrated for Kids

    www.storylineonline.net  Quality Children's Literature Read Aloud





  • Below please find gameboard templates to try at home to stay connected to the Unified Arts teachers and classes.  There is also a blank template to design your own gameboard.  Share pics through Dojo messenger or email tvangel@webster-schools.org!  

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