2019 Massachussetts 21st Century Community Learning Centers: PASS at Park Ave Elementary School

PASS Program
  • Our goal is to encourage student interst in learning by making a connection to their school day through engaging curriculum and project based activitites with an emphasis on mathematics, socal emotional, and service learning in an enjoyable, comfortable and safe work space. 

    At Park Ave, we serve sixty students in Kindergarten through the 4th grade.

                * Ten hours a week after school, Monday - Thursday

                *Twenty hours a week for five weeks during the summer


    Activity Highlights

    Robots Everywhere: Students work in teams using Lego broks to build a model spy bot. The children experiment on how to program the mothion sensor and begin coding to various tasks.  


  • Here at PASS, we focus on Engagement in Learning, Self Regulation, and Relations with Peers. What does that mean?

    *Engagement in learning: Students stay on task and become intersted in new things!

    *Self Regulation: Students gain strength in controlling their own behavior, they learn to work independently, and can remain focued on tasks.

    *Relations with Peers: Students work with others in cooperative tasks, practice compromise with their peers during activities and make friends along the way!