Digital Media Arts Hnrs

Instructor: Mr. Harrington

Digital Media Arts /Honors                                                                   #832

Grades 10,11,12                          O.P. 1.20                                          5 Credits

  Prerequisite: Successful completion (B or better) in both Intro 3-D and Intro 2-D or w/instructor permission.

       DMA is a beginner level computer art course. This course will explore digital photography, computer graphics and art using the computer as a tool for the creation of static and animated images.  Students will learn to create meaningful artwork by using digital SLR cameras, Adobe CS5 editing software, scanners, and digital drawing tablets. Composing with the Elements and Principles of Design and solving visual problems will be the main focus of every project. The class will meet in the new “Janet Malser Digital Media Lab”   room B126.